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    Question Calculator: don't know how to do it

    Hi guys, I'm new here and in VB.NET also, we can say I'm a noob xD I recently started a Calculator and it's working more or less although I have to polish it a bit more. Now, I'm facing a problem and I have no clue how to solve it. I want that the numbers and operators I use, be displayed and...
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    Question calculator textbox doesn't display it

    Hi everyone, i am making this calculator and i already have a source code which i will post later. I have two textboxes, the 1st one(TextBox1) displays the answer while the 2nd one(TextBox2) shall display the equation. The problem is, The 2nd textbox doesn't display it. for example, 1. Click...
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    Question How to move a picture box according to a result (Calculator)

    Hi, Ive made a calculator that estimates how high a model rocket will go. I was intending on making a simulation that will show you visually how high it will go. (Little rocket image goes up and stops at estimated hight) I know how to make a picture box move and everything, but i can only make...
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    Help in Visual Basic

    My friend and I are taking a visual basic online class. We are total beginners and are having trouble with a programming assignment. We have to create a arithmetic calculator with an enter button multiplication button and an addition button. What we can't seem to code properly is the event...
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    Digital Number Display

    Hi Friends! Am working on a project like a office automation. The problem am displaying the balance amount using lables.But i want to display the numbers like we see in calculators... One way to do that creating usercontrol which gets input and display the numbers. any...
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    Question Tax Calculator

    Ok, I'm creating this calculator for someone I know... But I ran into a problem...This thing doesn't do decimal's. What it basicly is, is trying to take the data from 4 text boxes and add them up into a label, then take that anwser and multiply it by 0.06. It works fine...unless you use a...