1. S

    Question C++ convert to VB.Net

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to create a module that receives images over a network and some saple code that works, my problem is the sample code is C++ and i have tried to understand it but with not much success. The code is only 91 lines long with line spaces (see below): #include "stdafx.h"...
  2. V

    Do you need professionals?

    We are anexperienced C#/.NET/PHP team, looking for projects. Wewould be glad to work on your project and guarantee communication and qualityof project in requested terms. Ifyou need a reliable partner for your software development- we are what youneed. Pleasedo contact us: vadimfartykov@gmail.com
  3. T

    Question Best option For designing Accounting Software ???!!

    Hello everybody, I am analyzing programming tools to design accounting application that user could download the setup file from my website and install enjoy it !! 1. I need it have minimum requirement to run throw end user, database would be SQL 2008. 2.It must have small size package to...
  4. B

    P/Invoke calls with pointers

    I´m noob with C++, i need the Visual Basic .NET (Compact Framework 1.1) P/Invoke calls of a Garmin Mobile XT API functions (Garmin Mobile SDKs - Garmin Developer). I transforms others calls, but these with pointers and handles is too hard to me. Here is the info: -- Function prototypes --...
  5. Mixen Dixon

    Question Global CBT Hook

    I've been looking around for a way to get a global CBT hook in my application, and I found that it is impossible in managed code. It appeared that the only way to do it in VB.NET was to get a DLL written in something like C++. Now, I am NOT a C++ programmer by any means, so I don't feel...