byte array

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    Question Split, search and append files

    Hi All, I have 270 files that I need to merge. These files are basically database files containing information strings. so far straight forward. the problem is that some of the information strings are duplicated so i need to be able to extract these informations strings from file2 and ensure...
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    Encrypt/Decrypt password for client to submit to webservice

    Encryption is triple DES, which gives me a result in Byte Array, the byte array is converted to a string using System.Text.ASCIIEncoding Dim oEncryption As New Score.Common.Encryption Dim oEncode As New System.Text.ASCIIEncoding strEncodedString =...
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    Splitting a Byte()

    Hi, I'm trying to talk IP to a piece of third party kit and all is working well, it sends me a &H02 command to start the array followed by a byte to tell me how long the command is, followed by the actual command itself. The trouble comes when the kit replies with lots of commands at once and...