1. P

    Basic question about ByVal and ByRef time span

    How long do these passing methods last? I just want to make sure that I have these lifespans correct. ByVal variables lasts for the entire program time, while ByRef variables last until the procedure ends. Am I correct?
  2. U

    Arrays of Rectangles

    Hi Guys, I'm creating a little GUI for touch screens and so I'm using a lot of rectangles as "touchzones" (using the rectangle.contains(e.location) in mouse click events) but there are some things I'd like to do on lots of rectangles at the same time. I'd like to copy the rectangles into an...
  3. Adagio

    Question ByRef vs ByVal

    From what I understand, this is how it works: ByRef (a.k.a. By Reference) points to where the object is in the memory. Any changes made to the object sent ByRef should change the values of the original object ByVal (a.k.a. By Value) points to a copy of the object. Any changes made to the object...
  4. Robert_Zenz

    ByVal and ByRef and the Garbage Collection (strange behavior)

    Hello. Since my Project has reached some size I've started using the Garbage Collection and trying to find best ways to keep the useage of memory and cpu small. However, I was trying out how ByVal and ByRef are behaving with the garbage collection and found some pretty strange behavior (code...