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    Question SystemIOException

    Hi Guys, I am getting an error on a program i created, the program seems to work great so i started trying to cause problems (as users will generally do), I have found i can get it to crash if i remove the removable USB drive while it is compressing data to it, below is a small program i...
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    Question I get System.Byte[] when SELECT DES_DECRYPT()

    Hello, i'm trying to decrypt a previously encrypted password from my database on visual studio 2012 (vb.net) but when i do the comparaison between my Textbox(Named TXT_Password) and the decrypted password i'm getting a value named System.Byte[] on the side of the Query, here's the code...
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    Multiple Click Error in datagridview

    When I click multiple times in Datagridview of VB.net WinForms, it gives following error: columncount property cannot be set on a data-bound DataGridView control
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    Bug? Databinding Visibility Property of a Textbox Issue

    I seem to be having a problem binding the visibility property of a textbox to a database value using the advanced binding property. I found this article (BUG: Inconsistent behavior when you bind the Visible property of a Windows Form control to a Boolean field) stating there is a bug in some...