1. dominion_vortar

    Question Working with text files

    Hi, I have a text file containing 10 pieces of information. I want to read the information from the text file and put it in text boxes on a form, so that the user can view the information and edit if required. What is the best way of approaching this? Thanks for your time :)
  2. lake54

    Question MessageBox - How to get the result of a Yes/No?

    Hi all, I'm good with PCs in general, so I'm not a total noob, but I've only just started learning Visual Basic .NET for A Levels. Part of this week's 'homework' was to write a particular program that does such and such - won't bore you with the details, but please don't think I'm "one of...
  3. H

    Question Creating Bullet Points in a Rich Text Box

    How can i create bullet points in a Rich Text Box?
  4. H

    Question Printing Rich Text Boxes

    I have made a text editor, how can i add a print function. I have tried several, but they are all buggy, and dont function properly. How can i print all the lines including enters and new lines? Thanks
  5. M

    Question How to Add Items to a Checked List Box

    I have a program that so far downloads an XML file, parses it, stores it in an ArrayList and then reads the ArrayList to add items to a Checked List Box, which is on a different form from where the ArrayLists are made and stored as public class variables. After I construct the ArrayLists I used...