1. updatesvc

    Question Send Mouse Events to form control with Coordinates.

    I am in midst of coding a webbrowser automation tool. I am using the Awesomium Web Control for WinForms in VB.Net. I have the inputs mouse_X and mouse_Y 'relative to the webcontol Left And Top I need help to basically send mouse events to the Webcontrol. I have managed to do this when the...
  2. Ramon.Robben

    Grid Drawing - I dont know what i have to do now.

    So i am trying to make a tetris bot so far i have made it so you can select the play field. But now i dont know what to do next. i have read that i need to visualize the blocks + playing field so the computer know where the gaps are or where the blocks are. but i dont realy know how to do that...