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    Question Converting Memorystream from 24BitRGB to 32BGR

    Hi, I'm capturing an image from a video card into a buffer as a memory stream. the format is "BMP,which contains BITMAPFILEHEADER, BITMAPINFOHEADER and RGB24 raw data". I then need to write it down as a BGR32. I can do it the following code (basically, Marshal.copy) but this procedure is LONG...
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    Question Picturebox image without locking file?

    Hi guys, i have a picturebox on my program that will load a picture from file every 10 seconds (C:\Picture1.png), i have another program capturing a picture and saving it to the same location, my first app captures fine and saves it, and the second program loads the picture but when the first...
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    Question Shrink a bitmpap with high resolution

    Hi to all, I have written this code to resize (shrink) a bitmap: Public Function ResizeBitmap(bm_source As Bitmap, scale_factor As Double) As Bitmap Try Dim bm_dest As New Bitmap(CInt(bm_source.Width * scale_factor), CInt(bm_source.Height * scale_factor)) Dim g As Graphics =...
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    Question Visual Basic 2008 Setting image background color

    I am doing a project for my Computer Science class and need help on how to make a picture have a transparent background. As of right now, I am having the picture be stored as a Bitmap and setting the white color attribute of the bitmap to transparent; then drawing the bitmap. It works and...
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    Everything to Bitmap converter

    hi guys i'm making an app witch sends pics to my cellphone through a gateway and the only image format the gateway supports is Bitmap. Im getting my images through a Google image search API and a web client to download the images. the only formats i'm worried about is png gif and mabey some...
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    Question Resize a Bitmap Type

    Using this forum, i was able to interigate a file and then alter a mouse cursor to become a bitmap based on the file information. As part of the bitmap type, is it possible to resize the bitmap to ensure that they are always exactly the same. Currently, the application will get the bitmap, but...
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    How to properly open a Image using Bitmap Class and dispose it properly

    I am looking for a code snippet which opens a image, creates a clone of this bitmap in memory disposes this opened image so that all handles are closed. Usually we can open a bitmap using this Dim MyBit as new bitmap("C:\Image file.bmp") dim ClonedBit as bitmap = MyBit.clone MyBit.dispose the...