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    Resolved Merge Bindingsources to a Master

    Hi, Can anyone be kind enough to assist me with the following situation; I have a weekly data file (.csv) and a historic datafile (.csv) and I wish to merge these together and present this within a datagridview. I have 1 command button which loads the Weekly Data and displays that in...
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    Question how to set a new bindingsource to a datagridview?

    OK, I have 2 bounded datagridviews in my form naming beneficiarydatagridview and beneficiarydatagridview1 which is bound to the same bindingsource... now heres the thing in my beneficiarydatagridview i have a search engine using textbox and a button, using the .FILTER feature of...
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    Question declare BindingSource component at run time with sql database

    I had made a simple app before in which there were two text fields and the BindingSource component was used to fill those fields with data on form load from ms sql server and eventually bind those fields with sql database. but now what i want is that the user tells the sql file name on run...
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    When removing items the next items doesn't remove only the first one. please help

    Imports System.Collections.GenericI mports System.Net Imports System.IO Public Class Form2 'Dim filename As String Public ftpSettings As FtpClient Private Sub cmdUpload_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdUpload.Click host =...
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    Question Issue with run-time control binding - bindingNavigator, gridControl

    Using a devExpress gridControl & gridView (don't think devExpress is to blame here, but i just mention it for accuracy), combined with a BindingNavigator and BindingSource. I have portion of a WinForms app that has several "admin" forms that each show a table - i.e. stuff that users can fill...
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    Resolved Updating the BindSource

    Again I have hit a snag!!!! I have patched together a program, initially using the VS object helpers and then coding in functionality as and where I need it. Initially I had a problem updating a table from a combobox, but I did that with a class and attaching it an arraylist as I read on...
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    Question Bind tab pages to a binding source?

    Hi guys, I need some help (Im quite flexible as to how to do it). I have a main binding source (A support line call logged) and then multiple child entries (each being an email/call etc to or from the client). I need a clever way to show these, and a simple datagrid for each communication...