1. M

    Binding Navigator value

    Hi all, Having created an order viewer with a view to creating invoice reports for the Northwind database, I have encountered an issue. When the Binding Navigator was instantiated, it was automatically set to move through the product list. I wish it to navigate using the OrderID value. Can I...
  2. tonifirnandes

    Question database application with datagridview and binding navigator

    Hello ALL the best programmer, before go to my question today, let me introduce my self : my name is toni firnandes from batam indonesia. Nice to get you all in this forum and hopely you would like to help me solve my problem. I have problem to make application database using sql server...
  3. J

    Question Issue with run-time control binding - bindingNavigator, gridControl

    Using a devExpress gridControl & gridView (don't think devExpress is to blame here, but i just mention it for accuracy), combined with a BindingNavigator and BindingSource. I have portion of a WinForms app that has several "admin" forms that each show a table - i.e. stuff that users can fill...
  4. A

    Question Dataset haschanges method problem

    Hi, I have 2 problems with the haschages method 1 : when i do like this: Private Sub Form1_FormClosing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.FormClosingEventArgs) Handles Me.FormClosing Me.Validate() Me.DataTable1BindingSource.EndEdit() If...
  5. G

    Call to Validate

    Hi all I've seen lots of snippets in the Save Method of the BindingNavigator control that contains just: Validate() datatable.EndEdit datatable.Update In my winforms app, I did a debug on the call to the Validate() and found it fired the validating event of just one control on the form, not...