1. D

    Question Filtering a BindingSOurce and Datagridview by Date

    Hi, I am trying to filter a binding source by a date field in a datagridview (using 2010 and sql server 2008) Now my filter works for names no problem but not for dates ! Dates in the database are proper dates in the yyyy/mm/dd format ! Heres my code I followed an example on the web...
  2. R

    Question Problem binding textbox on tabcontrol

    Hi, I have a tabcontrol with 3 tabs. Every tab has a great deal of textboxes which I use to refresh the properties of an object. To save my time, I bind the textboxes.Text to the properties of my object. The main problem happens 'cause I can make the binding just when the properly tab is...
  3. N

    Passing the current index to an IValueConverter as a ConverterParameter

    I have an IValueConverter in which I need the index of the current DataTemplate. I am using an ItemsControl, and the ItemsSource is a List(Of Single). How can I access the current index from inside the IValueConverter or pass it as a ConverterParameter? Thanks.
  4. Grayda

    Stopping "automatic" updating of controls with datasource

    I'm writing an app that pulls information from a DataSet as a one-way thing (e.g. the datasource populates a listbox, but for selection purposes only -- the user cannot change the list values). My problem is, when I select something from the listbox, all of the other listboxes change too, as if...
  5. E

    Combobox and databinding

    I have a problem with a combobox and no page on the Internet has been able to help me so far. So I hope that one of you can. I have a form (with information about clients) with textboxes binded to a dataview. One of the columns in the dataview contains a number that tells me what kind of client...
  6. P

    Question Drag/Drop Data binding in Express Edition

    In the Express Edition, I was wondering how to drag/drop bound fields to the form like you can do if your DB is in local SQL/Server, from a remote SQL/Server. I am aware I can do this all in code with SQLConnection, SQLAdapter controls. I can then FILL/Update a dataset control in code, but...
  7. G

    Question Bind tab pages to a binding source?

    Hi guys, I need some help (Im quite flexible as to how to do it). I have a main binding source (A support line call logged) and then multiple child entries (each being an email/call etc to or from the client). I need a clever way to show these, and a simple datagrid for each communication...
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