1. Grayda

    Battery serial numbers

    In my latest VB.NET app, I've written some code that grabs various laptop / UPS battery information from WMI. The idea is to let IT people see a battery's health and voltage and such. But in running this app on several of our Dell laptops, I've come across some interesting numbers. First off...
  2. Grayda

    Increasing CPU usage to simulate heavy computer use

    I'm building a VB.NET 2010 app that tracks battery usage. Run the app, start logging, then let the battery go flat. At the end, you get a nice graph that shows you how long the battery took to run down. Compare it to previous results and you can see how battery life is doing. But this is...
  3. J

    Question Programmable way to force a laptop to stop/start charging the battery?

    I've been able to easily get info on the battery/power information. But I haven't found any info (or if it's even possible) on how to tell the laptop to stop charging a battery and then start charging again. Any ideas?