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    Multiple levels of inheritance with UserControl

    I want to create a control from UserControl, and then have another class or control inherit that. Basically, I want the following: Public Class MyBaseClass : Inherits UserControl Public Class MyControl : Inherits MyBaseClass I am having trouble doing this, but I am not sure what I am missing...
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    Question convert image to base64 string

    Hi, Sorry if you don't understand what I'm saying but quite an amateur an VB.NET. I am trying to convert a TIFF image to a base 64 string. I have seen so much code on the internet like the one below, but I don't understand it :( I dont know what to change so it converts my image(s). Does...
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    Question How to protect a database

    I am about to start developing a program that downloads a database, and accesses the data within it. I need to somehow protect the data within the database so it cannot be copied, or misused by other companies who can get the information within the database. So i need a way that the database...
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    Question Class Inheritance

    Hi i have problems coding for base class employee and its derived classes ss,os and cs. And salaries are calculated different for each category. For ss a basic pay and commission, os paid fixed monthly ans cs paid hourly. In a windows application...any help is very much appreciated