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    Question Color Palete

    How I can create a panel of Color like this: this is a panel with subPanels that their Back Colours are different!
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    Label BackColor Transparent?

    Sorry about the low level of my question, but I have no clue. I have set the backcolor of my labels to Transparent, thus the label's backcolor takes the color of the form. So far so good. Now I want to change the skin and the easiest way is to turn several Pictureboxes' visible property from...
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    Change backcolor, forecolor and font on Tabs of a TabPage control?

    Hello All, I have a Form (MissionFrm) which contains a TabControl with a collection of 10 TabPages. I have labeled the Text of each TabPage accordingly such as "Mission Info" for TabPage0 for example. When I use the I am trying to change the BackColor, ForeColor and Font of each of the 10...