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    Excel AutoFilter

    This has been driving me nuts all day and hopefully someone here knows a solution. Using VB2010, .NET v4.0 framework, have a reference to the "Microsoft Excel12.0 Object Library" set (working with Excel 2007) and have the Microsoft.Office.Interop imported and all of my other code to format an...
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    Question Excel Autofilter

    I am using the following code to export a datatable into a Excel spreadsheet. I am having issues trying to set the AutoFilter on for the top row. With the code as it stands does turn on the Autofilter , however it gives an error "Unable to Set the Autofilter property of the range class."...
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    Question Accessing the Excel AutoFilter method

    There seems to be some inconsistency between the Excel VBA and the Excel Dot Net object models. I implemented auto filtering via the following code in Excel VBA: Selection.AutoFilter However, when I tried to do the same thing in Dot Net, via the following code, the AutoFilter object was...