1. Gordonfreeman75

    Question How to force user to open game through launcher

    Hello everyone, Well, first of all, I don't know if this thread suits here, so if it doesn't I'd like a moderator the move it where it belongs. I'm new at this forum and I'd like to say hello everyone by explaining something and seeing if somebody could help me :o I am making a private server...
  2. E

    Question Auto Fill TextBoxes when Paste

    hey all,, I have this picture to be more clear: My idea is when I paste (ctrl+v) for example this number : 4111111111111111 it would automatically paste them in textboxes one by one in order! so txtBox1 will contain : 4111 txtBox2 : 1111 txtBox3 : 1111 txtBox4 : 1111 the automation of...
  3. J

    Auto Login and Acute accent

    Hi guys I'm having a trouble with creating an Auto-Login(VBNET) this is part of the website source : It works fine : :tears_of_joy: It also works fine ::tears_of_joy: It does not work ::blue: I also tried this : :blue: Followingg the two first I tried this too :blue: Please...
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