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    Question Removing/Deleting the Forms Authentication Cookie

    I have a Web Application that uses ASP.NET Membership. When the user logs out, I want the Forms Authentication cookie to be removed from the browser. This is basically automatic when the user did not select the Remember Me checkbox (because a session cookie is created in that case), but if they...
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    Question log-in form

    hello, how can i connect my log-in form to my sql server 2008, only members of my project is able to sign-in, i want my project to have authentication...can i do it with a stored proc?? help me pls... thanks in advance :smile:
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    Unable to Set Username and Password in SOAP Request

    I'm attempting to consume a SOAP service that requires HTTP Basic Authentication (over HTTPS). I'm using WSE 3.0 on Visual Studio 2008. Here's the basics... Class SNCClient Inherits SoapClient Public Sub New(ByVal destination As EndpointReference)...
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    Accessing network folder using windows service

    Hi guys we are developing a small utility for synchronizing a network folder where, as domain admins we have the full privileges, with a local folder in another computer. We had written a service to do this job and found that when the service starts the error returned is "Access denied". This...