1. MillTurnBr

    Question extract sub element value from a XML node

    Hi there, I?m new to this board and this is my first post. I?m a beginner in VB .NET and I apologize in advance if I?m raising an stupid question. I searched around the board and Googled it but I probably was unable to use the correct words to find out what I?m looking for. I?m totally new to...
  2. nineclicks

    Question Getting file details

    I'm trying to get file details from pictures and videos such as width and height without having to actually open the file. I plan on indexing a lot of files at once so if I could just grab the file details like the ones in a files properties menu that would help a lot. I know they are labeled...
  3. J

    Question Property Attribute Retrieval

    I've looked around for discussion on this topic, but wasn't able to find it. I am trying to retrieve the Attributes of a class's property specifically. So for example. Let's say I have a class called "Employee", and a custom attribute called CustomLabelAttribute with a string value. What...
  4. M

    Resolved xml element string attribute

    Need to create this in xml. <username name="first.last"> <email></email> </username> My question is how to write this line of the xml. <username name="first.last"> Sample output <username d2p1:name="" xmlns:d2p1="james.ceklosky"> <email>