1. M

    Question Find email address in HTML file, convert to PDF and attach to email

    Hi everybody this is my first post here I got a project where I need to read an HTML file and search for an email address (the name of the email address is random). But at the same time it needs to exclude a fixed specific e-mail address that is always in the HTML file. When the address is...
  2. DanHamilton

    Problem sending attachment to MMS

    I have a simple form that sends email with attachment (small gif, about 5k) through to a cellphone MMS address ( If I log in to Gmail and send the message and attachment manually, it comes through fine. But if I send the message and attachment from my...
  3. T

    Accessing Mail Attachments

    I send numerous emails as part of my business and receive "Undelivered Mail" emails where an email files due to (for example) the email no longer exists. These "Undelivered Mail" emails normally contain the email address which has failed in the body of the email and so I am able to identify the...
  4. N

    embedding a excel attachment

    Hi, I'm providing a link button in my page(which contains a datagrid) so that when the user clicks on it they will be able to see the contents of the datagrid in a separate excel file.I provide the user with the option of attaching documents while they use my application.I would want that...