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    Best Hardware Configuration for ASP.NET Hosting Application

    We have developed a vacation rental application in ASP.NET with SQL server as DB. Used .NET 3.5 with Entity Framework. Currently QA test this with P4 machine with 2GB RAM. Looks like the processor utilization goes up to 50% for every request. All our DB retrieval timings are < 1 sec. The page...
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    Question Creating a wishlist for use with ASP.NET Membership

    I am working on a web application that uses ASP.NET Membership. My SQL Server Database therefore includes (along with all the others created when setting up ASP.NET Membership) a table named aspnet_Users which has the fields ApplicationId, UserId, UserName, LoweredUserName, MobileAlias...
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    Question Detecting whether anyone is logged in

    I am currently working on a Web Application that uses ASP.NET Membership. There are multiple places that I need to determine whether a user is logged in (Pages, Master Pages, UserControls, classes that I write, etc.). I have tried the following: IsNothing(Membership.GetUser())...