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  1. H

    What are the different methods available for url rewritting for website?

    What are the different methods available for url rewritting for website?
  2. S

    Available Looking for .NET practitioners 3.5 – 5 yrs experience interested in BFSI doman

    Send your resume to Miles Software is a leading Software Product Company offering innovative and value-driven solutions to the Financial Services industry. The company has strong presence in capital markets, banks, broking, insurance and mutual fund segments. Miles...
  3. tnorton25

    Send XML File through API using VB?

    I am attempting to send my XML file through an API. I have done this no problem by using the below code, however when I try and send the FILE over it will not work, does not give any errors just doesn't import any data. Without trying to send FILE it works by creating data inside code...
  4. M

    Question unknown database connector error in crystal report XI

    developing web application using visual studio and sql server 2000 and crystal report XI Release 2 and window 2003 server. when trying to create new connection in crystal report getting error message. create new connection > OLE DB (ADO) > Unknown Database Connector Error
  5. E

    Help with java.math.BigDecimal.divide

    Hi, I have a web page that is calculating some statistics. As such I need to work with some very large numbers. I've pulled in the dll allowing me to work with BigInteger and BigDecimal. however I am able to calculate all my numbers (as these are multiplication) but when it comes producing the...