1. S

    Question Assistance required debugging an ArrayList

    I am trying to write some code to add string arrays (Sitem) into an arraylist (Slist), but for some reason all the items in the arraylist end up containing the same string array (Sitem) values. Text File excerpt Runner Lake 01-04-1994 09:43 Stalk Pool 03-04-1994 09:46 All Slist items contain...
  2. T

    Arraylist of objects not deserializing correctly

    I'm having a heck of a time with two things that "should" be exactly the same. At the very bottom of my code, you'll see a event with two object arrays that call my webservice asking for a list of POs and a list of Orders. The list of Purchase orders works perfectly, I've used that...
  3. G

    Sort CSV file by a specified column

    Hi there I have a CSV file that i want to sort by the second column of data... i.e. COLUMN 1,COLUMN 2,COLUMN 3,COLUMN 4 1234,54689,55489,The fox 5554,4568,59823,Brush 0578,XYZ,PQRS,12364 I want to be able to write a function that can sort on any one of these columns depending on the index i...
  4. S

    Changing structure of an arraylist

    Hi all, thanks for any help in advance! I have created a Class Library (dll) with a module and a class in it. The module declares a structure, and an instance of this structure. In the class, there is an arraylist declared. My main program calls a function in the class library class. The...
  5. P

    Datagrid bind using objects

    hi! i created a class i invoke the class as object in vb.forms i want bind object(parameters) to datagrid when return as arraylist from methods in form_load. i want to bind arraylist to datagird in form_load. it will bind, the grid show all the parameter from arraylist. but i want few columns...
  6. P

    Resolved Two Display Values in Databound Combobox

    I am having a problem display a first name and last name from another table that the form is bound to. After a lot of research and experimentation I managed to change the combo box from bound at design time to bound at run time. This displays all the records in the combo box and selects the...
  7. jpnoob

    ArrayList to DataGrid

    I have an ArrayList that are seperated by the pipe: colA | colB | colC | colD how can I bind that array into separate columns in a datagrid each with their own column header?
  8. jpnoob

    Splitting an ArrayList

    I need to split an Arraylist into individual columns, here is an example of a column in the arraylist: John Doe - I want to split up the arraylist so I can use the name and the email address in an email routine i.e. Dear John Doe, yada yada Thanks in advance!
  9. Dreadfrost

    Saving line coordinates HELP

    Ok self taught programmer here so any suggestions are helpful. First off im making a vector drawing software and im trying to save all the points so i can have the lines snap-to another line point. I'm getting a NullReferenceException was unhandled error when SavedPoints.Add line is executed...
  10. M

    Question How to Add Items to a Checked List Box

    I have a program that so far downloads an XML file, parses it, stores it in an ArrayList and then reads the ArrayList to add items to a Checked List Box, which is on a different form from where the ArrayLists are made and stored as public class variables. After I construct the ArrayLists I used...
  11. M

    Question [2008] Problem with Nested or Multidimensional Data Structures

    Hello, Right now I'm working on parsing an XML file and storing the data I need into some form of data structure to be used in by program. Here's my code: Imports System.ComponentModel Imports System.Xml Public Class getPackageDataForm Public defaultQueue As Queue(Of String())...