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    Visual Studio developers must share their work for everyone's benefit !

    Every one of us who develop games, applications , etc.. using Visual Studio, should share his work with others. Just like this guy is doing on his Visual Studio Applications blog here: He's not only showing his work, but also offering the code! his...
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    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K.

    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K. An excellent opportunity for an ASP / C# .NET Developer to join a finance company with extraordinary and realistic growth plans. Based in the Kensington area, you will be entering a well funded start up organisation which comes with...
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    Question tourist guide application development for Windows phone

    I am looking for some help with developing a tourist guide/guide book application for a school project, I am using Visual Studio for Windows phone which I have a small amount of experience with, what I am looking for is some sort of guide to get me started, the application should use location...
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    Icons, Installer, Application development help!

    Folks, I am new to developing software applications and need some guidance! Language: VB2005 with .NET 2.0 I am trying to figure out what is the best way to create professional application ICONS and how to go about getting my application to be installed using an installer. I have tried...
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