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    add text in between lines?

    how can i add text to a textbox in this way between each string in a normal textbox? hi added text dhhdhd added text
  2. M

    Question Add item to Combobox

    Hello! Currently, I'm working on project, where I would like to use two Windows Forms. First one should be Administrator Form and the second one User form. I would like to know, if it's possible to call String Collection Editor for combobox after button1.click_event in first form, and add...
  3. Y

    can any one online can help my problem ???

    just give me feedback if there you are now :cool::cool: thankyou it's abbout adding the usercontrol that i cant control the position and the location of each usercontrol added added in a panel it's only added straight to one column down but i want is to have more column as much as the width...
  4. K

    Question Syntax of adding combobox to get field

    Hi, On the form, the user have to pick 4 different fields from combobox and then it will show into DataGridView here the code.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dim EmployeeInt As New AcoSDK.Employee017 DataGridView1.Columns.Add("id", "ID")...
  5. B

    Resolved ListBox.Items.add; how to add at the top?

    I remember in the old VB6 that there was something simple as listbox.add("my string", 1) This '1' would meant the position I want it to be added, which means 'the top' ... I'm sure it sounds newbie... but hey, what a heck... I'm only been programming .net for a few months. Any one ??? :cool:
  6. S

    Datagridview keeps adding unwanted new column

    Hi all.... if anyone can help me with this i would be very greatfull! Im using VB08 Express Edition I have simply made a new project (windows form application). Put 2 dataviewgrids on the form. Added 3 columns to each grid (at design time). I then added one line of code as follows to the rows...
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    Add attribute to every contol in project

    what is the best way to add an attribute to every <input type='text'> item in a project? {ex. <input type='text' onclick="alert('textbox was clicked.')"} I tried useing javascript and it would only add the attribute to the last one in the loop. I don't know how to do it in vbscript or...
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    Gathering data from multible tab indexes

    I've been ripping my hair out for 2 days now and I finally gave in and admitted defeat. I have 3 forms for a GPA calculator i'm designing. Mainform (has a tab control holding two CourseControllers) CoursePanel (the core object to be used) CourseController (has multiple CoursePanels and radio...
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    Question Tax Calculator

    Ok, I'm creating this calculator for someone I know... But I ran into a problem...This thing doesn't do decimal's. What it basicly is, is trying to take the data from 4 text boxes and add them up into a label, then take that anwser and multiply it by 0.06. It works fine...unless you use a...
  10. D

    Treeview and listbox - I got it

    Okay, so I'm what they call a newbie like others were when they just started coding. I love working with listboxes and TreeView, so as I make a breakthrough with something I didnt understand, I'll try and share. Hopefully I'll put together an actual sample when i learn how to deploy. the...
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