active directory

  1. L

    get list of users with expiring password in Active Directory

    Good day. Please tell me how to get the list of users with expiring password after 13 days in ActiveDirectory
  2. B

    Question Get DisplayName for User's Manager from distinguishedName

    Hi, I'm using the below code to pull a number of attributes from a users AD profile. I can get the user's manager's distinguishedName, but I want to display the displayName. How can i either pull the displayName for the manager from AD, using either another directory query, or by splitting the...
  3. H

    Question connecting problem with ldap to active directory

    I am upgrading our servers and .net application from windows 2000 to the newly-purchased windows 2012R2 servers. There is one function which works in windows 2000 but doesn?t work in windows 2012R2. I am running an .net 2.0 internal application in windows 2000 and IIS 5.0 using Visual Studio...
  4. N

    Question Adding OU hierarchy in AD

    I am trying to add OUs under OUs using but I keep on failing to do so Here is what I am looking to achieve: I have OU - test and I would like to add another OU - Students in it: I got this part working as shown below. Dim objDomain As DirectoryEntry = New...
  5. K

    Create Active Directory Contact and then add them to a Distribution List

    I searched this site, as well as Google, but haven't been able to find what I need. I'm creating a VB.Net program that will create users in our Active Directory and add them to a mailing list we have created. I have the code for creating the contact down, and that works great. I'll link it...
  6. dakota367

    Counting results in Object

    Hello, I have a small application that I am using to get some information out of Active Directory. I am running this task on a different thread because sometimes it can be a timely process. I need a way to count all the results in the .findone() function before I start looping through the...
  7. C

    Question Active Directory: how to read list of PC's from OU within OU

    Hi Everyone, I'm working on a program that needs to read a list of PC's from Active Directory a few levels down in the OU structure. The AD path I would need to access is this: - Divison1 - Site1 - Computers Division 1, Site1 and Computers are all OUs. Problem is any tutorials I...
  8. W

    Question myProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd Not Working

    Ok... this is driving me nuts. I have the following code that works perfectly to disable an account in active directory using DSMOD in an application. But in another application, the exact same code results in failure. I'm absolutely confused as to why it works in App A and not in App B...
  9. A

    Question Problem with DirectorySearcher

    Hi All, I am developing a code in to check users from Active Directory. I am able search most of the records by Samaccountname but for few records, it's not able to search. But I am able to search those records with same filter from LDAP browser. I have tried different filters also for...
  10. J

    enumerate the membership of a large AD group

    Hi All. I'm pretty new to VB.Net. I need to enumerate the membership of a large AD group (>1500 members). Found an working example in C# Enumerating Members in a Large Group but I failed to translate it in I'm looking for help. Any assistance would be appreciated. jave
  11. T

    Active Directory Change Password Help

    I am trying to develop a way for a user to change his/her password through Active Directory. However, I keep receiving the error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" due to it catching the System.NullReferenceException. Here is my code: Class1.vb: Imports...
  12. T

    Question Change LDAP Password

    I am creating a windows form app that will allow our IT admins to reset passwords on an old domain we only use sparingly. Throughout my searches I have come across multiple methods of scripting this, but each comes back with some type of error. My current code looks like: Private Sub...
  13. P

    how to validate user in active directory

    suppose i have a domain="domain" and username="user" and my password="pass" for the active directory login. Also in "description" my account is set as "Lab Account" i want to write a function to validate the user whose username is "user" and description="Lab Account". since i am beginner can...
  14. C

    Question Create a Computer in AD - Wrong Group used

    Hi, When I create a Computer in Active Directory via the DirectoryServices, the Computer Object is in the wrong group (Domain Users instead of Domain Computers). This is a big problem, because a computer with the same name as the AD object can't join the Domain. Does anybody have an idea how...