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  1. L

    Question export list box data to database

    I have a simple calculator app. The user enters numbers into two separate text boxes. The user can press one of four buttons for each arithmetic operand. The result is displayed in the result label. If the user presses the Display button, the entire operation is displayed in a list box, which...
  2. A

    pass parameteres on crystal report , logon information

    I want to search clients that got to shop between two dates. The code I use seems alright and it doesn't return any error but the CR returns everything - It does not use the date search function. The CR I use is tested with a simple program that open CR and works fine. database is ms access and...
  3. K

    Question How to insert customer details into Orders table

    Hey there. I've got 3 hours left to finish a uni project. It's a basic Access database driven e-commerce site. I have a home page, a products page, an orders page, an order confirm page, a shopping cart page and a view current orders page. The site uses an Access database with three tables. A...
  4. A

    Question Publish Access database based application using VB2010

    i want to publish access database based application using visual basic.. the thing is i do not want my database to be appeared in the installation folder so that user/client wont have access to it... It is for window application.. TQ
  5. J

    Question Deploying an MS Access File with Application

    Ok, I am new to, I have a windows form application that needs an MS Access file packaged and built with it. It seems to be running fine when I debug. However, when I build the project and install, my application cannot find the database that should have installed with it. I have made...
  6. tech426

    How to access oleboject from access database?

    HI How can i access the ole oject from access database in my application. i have stored pictures as ole objects. First I have to load those pictures and want to display it in picture box. In crystal report also i want to display those pictures. Please Help me :(
  7. N

    Question Problem with Insert Command

    I am a beginning programmer and am having a problem with adding a record to a customer table in a Microsoft Access database. I have worked for hours reading my textbook and troubleshooting to no avail. The copy and paste below from VS is a little messy. When I execute this code below the...