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    outlook (create new message)

    It means that it is a feature of most browsers. I'm not saying you can't do it on your own, but that it may be much more complicated than you expect. I suspect the Outlook DLL must have something in it to use... I don't have access to the DLL to look at its various hooks though.
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    How to send and receive text over TCP with VB.Net 2005

    Is the server also under your control, or just the client? You've been posting client code, but nothing server-side... If you don't have any control over how the server you're connecting to operates, it's entirely possible that the second-command-required is how the server was designed to...
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    tcplistener not working

    I haven't looked at the code yet, but thought i'd give this quick pointer Ensure that your browser is connecting to the proper port. There is a way to force this in the address line that you type in: if you wanted your browser to connect to 8080, for instance, at localhost...
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    IPC using Named Pipes, having trouble

    Good point, I hadn't considered that... was gonna make the DLL the server, but it makes more sense the other way. I haven't converted the sample for tcp into my app yet to see if it will work... though there is significantly less code to worry about than named pipes, i'm sure it will work fine.
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    IPC using Named Pipes, having trouble

    Remoting adds a decent amount of overhead when used on local machines, or so I had read somewhere... not sure what the scale of the overhead they were talking about was... I'm currently looking at using my own file-lock system, while i study on how .NET handles true tcp/ip internet...
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    outlook (create new message)

    most websites, when you click on a link that sends them an email, are using a hyperlink in the form: This is bringing up what the user's internet browser recognizes as the user's default email client to send the new message (usually outlook or outlook express) --...
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    IPC using Named Pipes, having trouble

    Ironically, I had found a copy of this article on my own, but it utilizes a class that someone else wrote, to simplify things... I am using System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.GetBytes() and GetString() to convert back and forth. It seems pipes can only be written in byte mode, so i'm stuck with that...
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    IPC using Named Pipes, having trouble

    I have a fairly awkward setup here, and IPC via Named Pipes seems to be the best way to solve it. FIrst I'll take a moment to explain my setup: A 3rd party program generates lines of text in realtime (where they come from doesn't matter). That 3rd party program has allowed me to write a DLL...
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    Problem with buttons changing colour on other PC's

    It is also possible, if the other computers are running ME or XP (as I'm sure they are), that the Windows OS Theme in use is affecting things. Is your development computer set to Classic style, but the others are in the XP style? Something along these lines might cause an issue with default...
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