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    Capturing returnValue from DTS package executed from

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you manage to execute your DTS package from Kristin
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    something comparable???

    Hi, I'm writing a web-based application. It is sort of a conversion from VB 6.0. I had some functionality in that app that I would like to sort of duplicate but don't know if it is possible. In the windows application I had a text box, that when you begin typing it narrows down the results in...
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    Cannot Create new VS Web Project

    I had this exact same problem....and the solution lied in the permissions for the directory on the web server. Make sure your directory is set to share. hope that helps...
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    can I use a java menu?

    that was it exactly! thank you:) kristin
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    can I use a java menu?

    my events like onmouseover show a blank file over the button...I pasted it exactly and works when I look at the file in my browser, just not my project... any ideas anyone??? thanks for all the input! kristin
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    can I use a java menu?

    ok, I have a web form, and a simple menu bar (all hyperlinks) very ugly:) I want to display my menu more like a line of buttons that on mouse over event change colors and what not. I can make that in fireworks, but don't know how to include the code (I'm guessing in the html) to show it on...
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    can I use a java menu?

    no biggie:) I'm new - can you elaborate a bit? where in the code behind do I place it. I'm trying to make my menu's look a little better. Right now I'm just using a string of hyperlinks. I like what I can do with fireworks, and the mouse over and mouse down properties. Just trying to...
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    can I use a java menu?

    I didn't want to edit the .htm file, I wanted to only include it in my web form.
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    can I use a java menu?

    Hi everyone:) Is there any way to include a nice .htm file as my menu bar that I created in Fireworks in my .aspx web form? When I am in design view in Visual Studio, and import a menu, I lose the capability to edit anything else in design view..... Any ideas anyone? thanks
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