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    how to invoke an mdi form on a different form?

    Hi everyone, I have an mdi form which on load is going to load other mdi child forms as follows: ...FrmMain_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Form1 oForm1 = new Form1(); oForm1.MdiParent = this; oForm1.Show(); Form2 oForm2 = new Form2(); oForm2.MdiParent = this...
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    How to convert a string to Title Case

    Hi Everyone, I am retrieving a bunch of strings from a database. Some of them are in uppercase and some in lower case and some in mixed case. My goal is to make all the strings Title Case. So like, dim myString as string = "this is my String" Is there something like...
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    How to create folder and set permission ACL?

    Hi Everyone, I know how to create folder in Is it possible to create a folder and set the permission ACL for that newly created folder; as in who will have access for the folder and what permission level like full control etc? If so, could you please explain how? Thanks, Kevin
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    create folder with unc path

    Hi Everyone, Is it possible to create a folder using a unc path? If so, how? Right now, i have a mapped drive to let's say z. I can create a folder to the mapped drive using: Dim myPath As String = "z:\testingfolder" Dim di As DirectoryInfo = Directory.CreateDirectory(myPath)...
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    break statement

    Hi everyone, In Java, when you want to break out of an if statement or for loop, you use the 'break' statement. Is there a similar one for VB? Thanks, Kevin
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    Create user mailbox account with quota limits

    Hi everyone, i am trying to add users to active directory. So far, i have succeeded in creating a new user and setting its properites as follows. How do i create a mailbox account with quota limits for my new user??? I found this article online:
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    Group comments

    Hi everyone, Do you guys know how to add group comments in just like in Java? /* * * */ Thanks.
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    Active Directory, setting password and adding users to group help

    Hi everyone, I am using the following code to add users to active directory to the Users container. 'nd: add new users to the Users container Dim entry As New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://cn=users,dc=xxx,dc=com") Dim fName As String = "userFirstName" Dim lName As String = "userLastName" Dim...
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    Reading text file

    Hi Everyone, I am querying a database using Query Analyzer and saving the results to a csv file which looks like: text ,text ,text ,text ,text text ,text ,text ,text ,text text ,text ,text ,text ,text Notice the extra...
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    windows authentication

    Hi Everyone, When i deploy a winform app, is there something similar to with windows authentication where i could set who will have access to this program? Thanks.
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    creating folder

    Hi everyone, I created a folder called "Images" in my project's solution explorer. How to i access the images that are in this folder in my application? Also, I have a "Log" folder. How to i write files into it? Last question, when i deploy this project, will the program still know to...
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