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    saving treeview to text

    I have a treeview and i want to save each node to text. Im not sure how to go about it.
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    apparently i have a scratch in my disk1 of msdn. i bought a new laptop today and installed visual studio .net with no problems. but when i went to install msdn it had issues finding files. is there somewhere where i can download an iso?
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    im stuck

    I know you guys arent here to fix my code... but i have run into a problem what i am doing is using a treeview to read a file that has been loaded into a text box. everytime the word ";fold" appears, it will create a new treenode and add children to it until the word ";endfold"...
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    adding new node at selected location

    i want to be able to press the enter key on my treeview and add a new node at that location, Im really struggling with this solution.
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    changing richtext from treeview

    I am using a treeview control to modify program codes so i can expand and contract similar to #region. the file will first get read into a richtext box. what i want to happen though is when i change the label on a treeview node, i want the richtext line to change as well to reflect it. this is...
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    treeview syntax highlighting

    im trying to create a treeview control that will be used instead of a text editor. this will allow me to expand and collapse code. is it possible to have syntax highlighting with this control?
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    treeview question

    i am trying to create a treeview that is going to be used as a text editor. when the word ";fold" appears, a new child should be created and nodes will be added until the word ";endfold" appears on another line. here is the code i have for it but it is incorrect and im not sure what im doing...
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