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  1. Raven65

    Process Launching Bat Not Working

    Alright, so this one has me stuck. My setup is this: Server/Client service using TCPClient/Listener. Client sends the Listener a path to run. Listener using Process to launch that path locally. This works fine on one machine. However on another I am having a terrible time. Code to run the...
  2. Raven65

    LINQ/XML Literals Problem

    Posted this to the MSDN boards but to no avail so far: I'm using the nifty trick Beth detailed showing how to write XML Excel spreadsheets from LINQ where by I do the following (abreviated): Dim exceptions = From letter In allLetters _ Where Not letter.CleanExceptionReason = "" _ Select...
  3. Raven65

    Module Level Variable Prefixes

    All right, well, a year later we are still working on the standards document I mentioned in a previous thread. A current sticking point is around the prefixing of module/class level variables. I was under the impression that the Microsoft standard @ current was that prefixing these variables...
  4. Raven65

    Debugger/Program Issue with Storage of Structures?

    Ok, this one thrown me for a loop, though I am sure I'm simply doing something wrong. Trying to keep this simple, but accurate: I have some Structures setup: Public Structure Contract Dim myName as String Dim myCharges as List(of Generic_Charge) End Structure Public Structure...
  5. Raven65

    Building Combinations From Array(s) (Recursion?)

    Now, this is going to be a good bit confusing I think so bear with me: I have a need to do the following: Assume I have 5 "slots", and for each slot I have 5 items that can go in it. I'm building a list of all possible combinations, so I end up with a list much like: Slot1Item1 Slot2Item1...
  6. Raven65

    Select * From Excel $ ?

    Back after a long break =) Good to see you all again. Had an interesting programming problem this morning, which we found the answer to, but I do not understand why: Dim objConn As New OleDbConnection(strConn) Dim strSql As String = "Select * From [group$]" Dim objAdapter As New...
  7. Raven65

    Error: Handles clause requires a WithEvents

    Alright, I'm not understanding something tonight. I'm using the following code to run a background worker. Public Class Scraper Dim myBackgroundWorker As System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker Private Sub Scraper_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
  8. Raven65

    Pre-Design Tools

    I'm looking to start on a relativly large, and potentially multi-developer, project. So, I'm looking for some input as to what tools you guys use to layout, and potentially colaborate on the layout, of your application PRE coding. We're typically a Top Down shop, and I'm trying to find a new...
  9. Raven65

    Checked List Box Question

    Alright, I think the long day is making me overlook something, so before I head home I'll post this for any help I can get. I have a checked list box on Form1 that contains text representations of data items I am storing in a class. If the user checks "TextItem1" then I want to show a bar on a...
  10. Raven65

    IRC Communities?

    Any of you hang out in good VB or general .NET IRC channels? I've found a few, but most are drearily silent =\
  11. Raven65

    VB.NET Coding Standards

    Hey guys, we're looking to lay out some group and corporate level coding standars at my current workplace. We're basically an exclusivly VB.NET shop, so the rule set will be modified specifically with that in mind. I'm browsing around now and have found some good "base line" lists of...
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