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    center checkbox in listview

    hi to all How to vertically center checkbox in listview?. Though I change the property into center, but only the column header became center but the checkbox itself always in left. Thanks in advance Tirso
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    dynamic crystal report?

    hi to all I have created a report using crystal report in vb 2005. it is possible that in my forms if I click a button then call to report and display it. Another question i I created this report by only dragging the field from my database. What I want is in my forms if the users select records...
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    binding navigator

    Hi to all, I add binding navigator to my forms but I am using code to connect, create tableadapter and assign to datatable, In my combobox there's a list of names. what I want is if the users select the name then link to my binding navigator and display the number selected such as moveprevious...
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    license key my application?

    Hi to all I have make a simple application and ready to deploy. My question is how to deploy it and request for a license key like other software? Furtheremore to limit only with in a month as a trial version. It is possible? I am using visual basic 2005 professional. Please give an advice...
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    check field

    I want to check all the field in my table if exist or not. Further more to count all the field. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Tirso
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    Too few parameters.Expected

    Hi Lingsn, I'll change my code because the previous one it doesn't work. But still some errors found in my new code. Please help me. The error is in procedure "populate grid" highlight in red color and the message is "Too few parameters.Expected 1." My new code Private Sub...
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    error code

    Hi! to all, does anyone could help me how to find the error of the code below. The error message is "An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details. The error is: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Private strConnection As String = _...
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    count statement

    Hi! to all! Does anyone can help me on how display many fields after I use the count(*). I have already a code to check the multiple value of field and calculate the frequency base the count but my problem only one field will display. See the Table 1 for the result of my present code and see...
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    resize of groupbox

    Hi to all It is possible that if I run the program and maximize the form or even resize, the groupbox and gridview fit to the form. If so then how. I already check the properties but I didn't found any possiblity. Any help is greatly appreciated Tirso
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    sql statement

    Hi! to all, I want to select in my database those multiple value in a Field and put the result in my datagrid. The problem is I want to display the table like TABLE 1. I have already the code to get the frequency of chiban No but see the result in TABLE 2 followed on my code. TABLE 1 Source...
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    create dll

    Hi to all, does anyone could help me on how to create a .dll in visual basic 2005 express edition. Is there any site or resources can teach me step by step or even a sample source code. any suggestion is greatly appreciated tirso
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    path of database is missing

    Hi everyone, I have a poblem with the deployment of my windows application and it will accessing microsoft access database. Do we need to change that path of my code before I publish or build in which this database will be copied because on my PC it will works but once I setup to another PC the...
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    application needs framework

    Hi! I am a beginner for using visual basic 2005 express edition, I made windows form application but when I deployed to another PC the error occured "install .net framework 2.0" Do I need to install this to all the PC that my application will be use. Please help me what I need to do. Any...
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