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    query on toolbar control

    hi, I hav used a toolbar control in my application. On the toolbarbutton click event i need to open the respective forms.Its works fine but the problem raises when there is a need of closing my sub forms.THE toolbarbutton click actually hides the sub forms.I wan to know how to close the sub...
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    email id validations

    hi, i want to know how to validate emailid in a textbox in should get a popup for an invalid emailid that is it should contain "@". with regards, zarina
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    query on date validations

    hi, i hav used month calendar picker in my windows application need to know how to display a messagebox when from date is greater than to date provided i have used two calendars for each. with regards, zarina
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    datagrid and query in validation

    hi, regarding datagrid i have already implemented colouring of particular cell depending on a condition but i need colouring of entire row depending on a column value. i need the code snippet in "VB.NET". AND code snippet for textbox validation to make textbox entry valid for numbers and...
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    how to colour a row in a datagrid based on a specific condition.i need the code snippet in dont want in plz with regards, zarina
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