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    re coding required to find access database on deployment

    What I did when I had a similar problem is to get the name of the folder where the application is installed and create a folder with the same name and put my database in it and the create the connection.
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    Adding Data

    I am developing a database application and I have a problem with adding data to a table in one form and it being automatically viewed in another form without refreshing. For example if I have two forms Form1 and Form2. Form1 shows the Employee table and Form2 shows the client table. A client is...
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    How to fire Click Event On Another Form

    I am developing a database application and I want to be able to access the click event of a control on another from. Please help. Thank you
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    Separating thousands

    Thank you John Thank you JohnH for your help. But I have another little problem. After editing some data, I can't update it to the Access database I'm using as a backend to my application. Please help.
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    Separating thousands

    I want to be able to use the comma (,) to separate thousands and aperiod for decimal points and keep the decimal at two as in 120,000.23 in a variable declared as decimal. Can anyone help? Thank you
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    Connected tables in a single dataset

    I've been trying to show a master-slave form using a single dataset with many interconnected tables.But an exception is thrown whenever I try to fill the slave tables. Can anyone help???????!
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    Help CR.NET tutorials

    I'm working on an application and I need a tutorial on CR.NET.Can you provide any link?
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    MSDE tutorials

    I'm working on a project and I wonder whether to use MS SQL 2000 or MSDE. Can you provide a site where I can get an MSDE tutorial?
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