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    How to verify email sent to recipient?

    Hi, I plan to use SMTP mail server to send mail in my application. May I know how to verify that the email is successfully send to recipient? Please advice. Thank you.
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    Develop maintainable, extensible and high performance application

    My company develops a client-server application which runs 24 hours a day. This application is a window service and communicate with clients using TCP/IP socket. There are about 200 clients connect to this application concurrently. It is not stable yet and customer not satisfy with its...
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    Capture external program textbox text

    Hi all, I am trying to control an external winform program using my windows service application. Both winform program and windows service are installed in same pc. The winform program has a MDI child form. This child form has a textbox. Can my windows service capture the text inside this...
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    Download file over slow network

    Hi all, I am new to network programming. My application downloads a file from server over a slow network using TCP/IP socket. The file size is about 500kb - 1mb. The network speed is 16-20kbps. The network connection is wireless and will disconnect sometimes. What my application must able to do...
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