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    Are there pre-existing dialog boxes for constructing data connections?

    I'd like my users to select and define whatever data source they can. As a programmer, do I have access to those same windows that I see when I'm trying to define a data connection, without having to recreate them? Or am I thinking about this all wrong? Thanks.
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    what container should I use for a four column form

    I want to design a form with four columns. First column will be a table container, with labels and textboxes, vertically arranged. Second column will be a datagridview to a linked table. Third column will be another datagridview, to another linked table. Fourth column will be a copy of the...
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    Question Looking for extended code for using parameters with dataAdapter

    Wanting to set up parameters for my DataAdapter, but I'm running into the problem of terse examples. All I can find is code snippets for how to set up the parameters, but I'd like a fuller example of setting up the parameters, populating the parameters, making the call, and retrieving the...
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