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    export Listview to Excel

    Found another way ok.. i replaced the listview to datagridview and found some codes to export to Excel and works perfectly.. Thx for your help KSteed
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    Question Syntax of adding combobox to get field

    Hi, On the form, the user have to pick 4 different fields from combobox and then it will show into DataGridView here the code.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dim EmployeeInt As New AcoSDK.Employee017 DataGridView1.Columns.Add("id", "ID")...
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    export Listview to Excel

    I'm getting several errors.. and 1 warning... Inside the code of the function.. it doesnt accept that line Dim ExcelReport As Excel.ApplicationClass and propose that Dim ExcelReport As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application also this ExcelReport = New Excel.ApplicationClass to ExcelReport =...
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    export Listview to Excel

    Export to Excel from Listview Hi GoodJuJu, I'm a very .NET beginner and i'm trying to get this done.. you were saying "exports a ListView to an Excel Workbook - This all works perfectly." Can you please help me on this and share your code ? Thx a lot.. KSteed
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