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    Go to Tab Page

    I'd like to display the content of a particular tab page, when I click on a button Current my code is Me.TabPage1.Show() That works partially, in that it does display the content of the page, but the correct tab is not selected. E.g. If i were on Tab Page 2 and I used this code to show...
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    Prevent Multiple Forms; Just refresh one

    How can I prevent another instance of the same form from opening up in the panel. I want to just refresh the form in the panel and populate it with the new data based on the selection i made in my tree, but currently all that happens is that another forms opens in the panel, so i end up with...
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    VScroll Row In DataGrid

    How can I automatically scroll a record to the top of it's datagrid window.
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    DataGridView Like Microsoft Access Child/Detail

    How do I create a Master Detail Form with DataGridView For anyone else looking for a way to use DataGridView in the same way it would appear in Microsoft Access, This is what I've come up with just as a guide.. From what I've been reading, the closest thing that can be used in .NET to do this...
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    How do I create a Master Detail Form with Datagrid.

    How do I create a Master Detail Form with Datagrid. I want one datagrid to show the master details and when that row is selected, it expands to show corresponding information from the Detail source.. How can I achieve this. Thanks
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    Treeview and listbox - I got it

    Okay, so I'm what they call a newbie like others were when they just started coding. I love working with listboxes and TreeView, so as I make a breakthrough with something I didnt understand, I'll try and share. Hopefully I'll put together an actual sample when i learn how to deploy. the...
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    Get Tag of Selected Check Box

    How do you get the value of the node whose check box is checked? Kinda going around in circles, I have the tree working, Im able to add tags of the nodes that I click to a list box. What I need now is to be able to add/remove those tags to/from the listbox when the check boxes are...
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    Forms in Panel not coming to the front.

    Can someone direct me to a post or link on the web to help with this, I know ppl are busy so although Im new I dont want to be annoying. I'm using a tree control to open records in a panel. The problem I'm having is the forms are opening, but they arent coming to the front. It's only when u...
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    Adding Columns to Listbox

    Hey, I'm having trouble figuring out how to add three columns to my Listbox. I want the Listbox to display Three columns of corresponding information from a table. I know this should be easy, but Im just learning all this so I hope this wont take up too much of anyone's time. And finally, I...
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