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    Hello, I have made an simple application (.exe). When i run this program local on my machine it works fine. When i run it from an server i get the message. Is there a solution for my problem :confused: Regards, Reinder
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    Question Automation

    Hello, I have a simple program made in VB .NET 2003 with a few functions. I want to call these function from another application with automation. How can i do this? Does anyone have an example for me? I have searched the internet, but i can't find the solution . . . Regards, Reinder
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    DLL Question

    Hello, I have made an simply DLL in VB.Net with the following code: Public Class Class1 Sub Melding() MsgBox("Reinder") End Sub End Class When ik try to register this dll, i'am getting a message saying that it was loaded, but "the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found...
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    Smart Device Application Connecting Sybase Database

    Hello, I'm making a smart device apllication. I want to connect to a sybase database with this application. To do this i have add the reference : Sybase.Data.AseClient.dll This way works for a normal application, but for a smart device application I am getting the following error: Error...
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