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    Formatting legends in MS Charts .NET 3.5

    I haven't been able to find where the option may be (if it exists) of removing the colored line next to the legend entries. For my project, the graphs I show are either blue for passing or red for failing. Since there are a lot of things on my GUI, I would rather change the color of the text...
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    Question Custom formatting of decimal numbers

    I'm having a bit of an issue getting the number formatting of VB .NET 3.5 to work just right for me. I have to convert numbers to scientific notation, with 2 digits for the exponent and 6 digits after the decimal. I've been able to get this for numbers that have enough digits, but for other...
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    Directly and dynamically assigning values to an array

    I am trying to figure out how to assign a 1-dimensional array value I get from a function directly into an element in a 2-dimensional array. An example would be Dim Results(7)() as Double Results(0) = myFunction() ' returns an array with 5 doubles What is the correct syntax for this, if any...
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