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    Find section of an image within an image

    Then You can use Bitmap.lockbits. I suggest you create a C# dll That compairs the img's because in C# you can use pointers wich is faster than the Marshal.
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    Find section of an image within an image

    If the small image will ALWAYS be an exact copy of a smaller part of the big screen capture Pixel Comparison is the best way(There are faster methods I just forgot where :( ) If the small Image looks like a Section of the big image but not exactly matches then you'd be better of creating a...
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    Question Hex to string

    use the Bitconverter.ToInt32
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    Question Windows API for detecting a mouse click anywhere or on a specific Program

    Hi All, I need to create a program that can run code each time the user clicks, I can't use windows forums since its on another program. If the code can detect global mouse clicks(system wide) or only on one program it's fine. I've done some digging and it looks like windows API can solve my...
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    Question How to detect whether an internet address is broken

    This works although with a delay and isn't really the correct way but this is the only way i could think of without having to go and program sockets Function IsLinkValid(ByVal address As String) As Boolean Dim valid As Boolean Try Dim b As System.Net.WebClient =...
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    Everything to Bitmap converter

    hi guys i'm making an app witch sends pics to my cellphone through a gateway and the only image format the gateway supports is Bitmap. Im getting my images through a Google image search API and a web client to download the images. the only formats i'm worried about is png gif and mabey some...
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    custom Event question

    Thanks :) helped alot :P
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    custom Event question

    i have Programed a dll that provides IRC functionality in and it works fine but when i run code analyses on my code it doesn't like my custom events even though they work Public Event TextRecvevied(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs, ByVal Str As String) and the warning is...
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    Question KeyDown Event on another Window

    Create a timer and use this function and import GetAsyncKeyState Function GetKeyDown(ByVal Vkey As Int32) As Boolean If GetAsyncKeyState(Vkey) = -32767 Then Return True Else Return False End If End Function then in your timer.tick event if...
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    Describing a User-Made Function/sub

    Thank You its working :)
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    Describing a User-Made Function/sub

    Hi I want to Describe my functions/subs that i create and also the Arguments(byval/byref) for example system.math.round says in the tooltip "rounds a double-precision value to the nearest integral value" I want to Know how to do that and how to describe the args eg. system.math.round(50.5 gives...
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