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    Answered FormatCurrency Question

    Hey guys/ladies :) I am making a application that I need to use $ for. When I use FormatCurrency it puts it into £ and I assume this is because of my location that is set on my computer. Is it possible to make it so that FormatCurrency uses $ regardless of the computers location? Thanks, Chris
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    Resolved Reading an XML Weather File.

    Hello I am in the middle of making an application in VB.NET that I need to download the weather for certain locations and then read them and use them in the program. I am able to download the weather XML file however I am not too sure how to read certain attributes out of the XML file...
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    Resolved Picture Box Problem: Imaging loading using a combo box

    Hey I am having a bit of an annoying picture box problem, I have a picture box on my form along with a combo box with a number of different options. So anyway when a combo box item is selected I want it to look in the dataset for the selected item's row and pick out the image to load and then...
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    Question Sorting a dataset with updated data.

    Hello I am currently working on a project that I load all the required data at the start of the program out of a database into a Data Set however the content updates while using the program. So for example I have a number that will be updating on a regular basis while the program is running...
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    Question Inserting Dates into MSSQL DB

    Hello Guys I am trying to insert a date into a MSSQL database which is set to a DateTime field but it always inserts in at 01/01/1900 I am using a masked text box that is set to the short date mask. Any ideas? Also when I try to set a default date on a datetime field it will also insert as...
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    Answered How can I make my forms Auto Resize?

    Hello I am creating an application and I am running 1280, 1024 Res and I want my application to be able to support any computer res. How can I do this if it is at all possible? I am sure this has been asked and I have tried searching but with no luck Thanks for any help -- Chris
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