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    Question Inserting a pagebreak

    Greetings I'm relatively new to Visual Basic I’ve been looking for a solution to this for two days. I have a report that I need to print out in landscape. That part isn’t a problem. I need to read the text in the line that’s read by the reader and see if the substring is “Page#”. I can do that...
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    Text File Appending

    Greetings I have situation where I read a source file, create a temporary text file of the source and modify the temp file. If I open the file twice it appends to the end of the first temp file even though Ihave StreamWriter append set to false. Only if I close and reopen my application does it...
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    Question Insert spaces into a string

    Greetings Is there a way to take an integer, say 10, and convert that to 10 spaces? What I've got is a text field that the users enters a number. I then need to convert that number into spaces and insert those spaces into a string of text. I've found several places to convert text to an integer...
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    Inserting a gap in each line of a text file.

    Greetings I have a text file that I need to go to column 40 and insert 10 spaces. What appears to happen is it takes the filst line and appends 10 spaces for every line that occurs. Here is my code: Private Sub OpenToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
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    RichTextBox insert spaces

    I have a situation where I have a report generated by a CAD application. It's plain text. The report comes out on landscape letter size paper. I need to format the report and insert a gap 15 charaters wide so the report can have whols punched down the center so it can go into a small field...
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