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  1. ManicCW

    Global Variable of All Forms

    In module declare variable like: Public myVariable as String = "Something" And then use it wherever you want. :) ps. It is much better to use Settings if you need permanent storage for variables.
  2. ManicCW

    Global Variable of All Forms

    I see you have set: Primary Platform: .NET 2.0 So here how you can use My.Settings object. - Double click My Project in your Solution Explorer - Go to Settings section - Insert new setting (global variable), set name, type (String), scope (user if you want to be able to change it runtime) and...
  3. ManicCW

    Global Variable of All Forms

    There is a new object in .net 2 called My.Settings - check it out. ;)
  4. ManicCW

    ASPX Back Button

    As I said use Response.Redirect. It's not perfect but it will do the trick.
  5. ManicCW

    Passing parameter between forms

    Set combo modifier property to Friend and access it from second form like: MyFirstForm.MyCombo.SelectedValue
  6. ManicCW

    Help accessing a web service

    You are probably missing some argument in "CT_apicreditrequest" method.
  7. ManicCW

    ASPX Back Button

    On button click event just enter this: Response.Redirect(Request.UrlReferrer.ToString)
  8. ManicCW

    ASPX Back Button

    asp button is server control and it will cause postback. Why do you need asp button for back functionality? btw. You can go back using code.
  9. ManicCW

    Localize MailDefinition BodyFileName text file

    I have found temporary solution, but I don't like it. Here it is: Protected Sub logChangePass_ChangingPassword(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.LoginCancelEventArgs) Handles logChangePass.ChangingPassword Dim ci As CultureInfo =...
  10. ManicCW

    Localize MailDefinition BodyFileName text file

    Hi, I'm using Login controls to authenticate users. My pages are fully localized. When I use ChangePassword control I send mail to users to notify them. How can I send localized text using BodyFileName attribute? :confused:
  11. ManicCW

    Text from Texboxes in Tabs

    Post some code. In what event are you using that?
  12. ManicCW

    How to host a winforms control in a webpage or any ActiveX container

    Do not spam please. Post on one forum.
  13. ManicCW

    Determine the type of an object

    I'm not sure to understand but is this something you can use: For each obj as GraphicsObject in objList If TypeOf obj is GraphicsObject Then ... End If Next
  14. ManicCW

    Icon from external dll

    Dll is from another project. I have two projects in solution: Project that creates exe file and project with resources that creates dll file. In exe file I pull icons and images from dll file like: Me.MyToolbarMenuItem.Image = myExternalDll.My.Resources.TollbarClose But how to set application...
  15. ManicCW

    Icon from external dll

    Hi, I have external dll where I keep my resources (images, icons, strings ...). I pull that resources for my application. How do I set application icon from external dll? I'm working in vs 2005. Tnx
  16. ManicCW

    Saving a file

    What dialog and where are you saving it? Is this app?
  17. ManicCW

    Send and Receive from Serial Port

    You have a DataRecived event for the SerialPort.
  18. ManicCW

    Access a textfile after adding it to Solution Explorer

    There is a new object in .net 2.0 called MySettings which you can use for that.
  19. ManicCW

    How to Create CHM Help file?

    If you do not like complcated stuff like creating chm files, why don't you just make HTML help?
  20. ManicCW

    connection timeout problem

    I think here is the problem: "data source=" & webserver & _
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