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    Add new web service fails

    Hi, I try to add a web service in visual studio 2005 using the wizard. When I enter the url (https://someservice.wsdl) and click the Go button I receive a dialogue box with 3 buttons, Find, Save and Cancel. When a coworker tries the same operation, it resolves the service and he is able to add...
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    How can I get the function handle.

    Is there a way to get the function handle of the function that I am in? I thought I could use '' but that does not work. Private myFunction() as boolean msgbox(myfunction) ---> how can I determine runtime what function I am in End Function
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    How to add a root element to an xml file?

    I used serialization in to serialize an object. The file looks like this: <car> <make>honda</make> </car> <car> <make>ford</make> </car> How do I add one unique root element ? e.g.: carcollection Thanks, robert
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    Collection type to a column

    I try to assign the collection type to a column in a dataset, but when I run it I get the errmsg 'Requires valid data type". Any idea ? dim d as new datatable Dim col As DataColumn = New DataColumn("mycollection") col.DataType = System.Type.GetType("Collection") d.Columns.Add(col)
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