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    Question iTextSharp generating corrupted PDF

    hi guys, My application uses iTextSharp to fill up some form fields in a template pdf, convert the fields into static text (flat the layers), depending on some checkbox selections it deletes or not the images from the PDF and show the result. I use on my computer FoxIt reader and I had no...
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    Question DataGridView disappears data after updating from DB

    it's quite a simple code to load the data into the datagridview: If Not db.Query("SELECT id as 'ID', name as 'Name' FROM subsidiary", ds.Tables("subsidiary")) Then MessageBox.Show(db.ErrorMessage, "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)...
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    Question how hidden are string resources?

    Hi, I know that if you create a string like: dim a as string = "My String" if you open the compiled .exe in a hex editor you will see there "My String" now my question is about the Resources: if I add a string there, how easy would be for one to have access to it? Is it a plain xml that anyone...
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    Question Start(FileName As String) issue

    Hi, I have a quite simple application that is having some random locks up. It's just a few text fields that the user fill it up, 3 sets of Radio buttons, one of them with flags to chose the language and click the PDF button. The application uses iTextsharp to load a PDf template, insert the...
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    Question Reference DLL from another project

    I have 2 projects on my solution: The MainPrj and the AuxPrj AuxPrj have a reference to a 3rd party DLL and a couple of classes that instantiates objects from the DLL, one of these objects is public. The MainPrj references the AuxPrj and depends on it (project dependencies). When I...
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    Question Cross-Thread call

    showing the whole code here would be too big and unimportant, so it's a question based on a pseudo-code. The application on form load initialise and start 4 background workers Dim myInt as integer = 0 Private Sub ThreadsWork(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As...
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    Question How to add reference to another project?

    I'm assuming this is a pretty newbie question, but, as I couldn't find the answer on google or here, there you goes: I've created a project and fill it up with all the re-usable bits I've created (a few object classes, some straight methods that just process what I've pass to them and returns)...
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    Question Application lock-up

    hi, I'm have a quite big application which have 2 serial ports and access 1 DB (running on Background workers). I'm experiencing some random locks while the application is running and I started looking for something that could cause it. One of the obvious possibilities would be if I had in the...
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    I'm fairly new to the whole object oriantation thing and as such I've been mostly been using it as if it were not; (the fact that the whole project is developed by me doesn't help). But as I'm getting more into it, and understanding it, I guess I'm getting to the point of actually creating my...
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    Question KeyPreview stops work after some control is Disabled

    hi guys, It's a serial communication software, so what happens is: the user clicks a button, I set the HourGlass, disable the button (to avoid ppl that are too used with FPS games), do the serial communication bit that last a couple of seconds, then the set the mouse back to normal and...
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    Answered DataRow System.NullReferenceException

    Hi, I have a MyDataGridView.DataSource = MyDataSet.Table(0) and the AllowUserToAddRows = True Once the user have finished typing in the column zero I have to check if they didn't type invalid stuff. It have to be numeric and 4 chars long. the code is: Private Sub...
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    Question What is the difference?

    I know it will sound like a dull question, but, coming from a VB6 and C in micro controllers it might be quite reasonable: what is the difference between: to dim f as new frm_main ? thanks
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    Question Excel PrintOut vs Printer parameters?

    hi guys, Using 2010 I'm generating a report which uses an excel template. I have no problems opening a PrintDialog, duplicating the template to a temp file, opening with Excel, acessing the cells, using the PrintOut method, making all the objects = nothing and deleting the temp file...
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    Question BackgroundWorker and GUI update

    I know it's a recurrent thematic, but I've read everything I could and all seems to be programmed correctly, no exceptions being throw without a reason, no dead locks, no busy sleeps or anything... It's a fairly big system so I can't post ALL the code, but I'll post the bits that I think it's...
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    Question Switch languages in VB forms and strings

    Hi, I've seen quite a few posts regarding changing cultures, localize cultures, etc... but I couldn't care less about all that auto-stuff. I'm developing this GUI to connect with one of our production machines that will be used by the ppl who will be servicing the machines. Which might well be...
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    Resolved ListBox.Items.add; how to add at the top?

    I remember in the old VB6 that there was something simple as listbox.add("my string", 1) This '1' would meant the position I want it to be added, which means 'the top' ... I'm sure it sounds newbie... but hey, what a heck... I'm only been programming .net for a few months. Any one ??? :cool:
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    Question Store the reference passed to a sub

    Hi guys, I've searched a lot on both google and here but sorry, couldn't find. Maybe I'm just asking the wrong question, so I'll try to explain it here to see if someone can help me: what I'm trying to do is what in C would be as simple as int varptr = &var I have a form that is just a...
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