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  1. ManicCW

    Localize MailDefinition BodyFileName text file

    Hi, I'm using Login controls to authenticate users. My pages are fully localized. When I use ChangePassword control I send mail to users to notify them. How can I send localized text using BodyFileName attribute? :confused:
  2. ManicCW

    Icon from external dll

    Hi, I have external dll where I keep my resources (images, icons, strings ...). I pull that resources for my application. How do I set application icon from external dll? I'm working in vs 2005. Tnx
  3. ManicCW

    Javascript Session timer

    Hi, I need to set timer that will show user how mush time does he have befire the end of the session. I know that it is possible to do it with javascript. Does anyone have any example?
  4. ManicCW

    Set ValidateRequest runtime

    I have a 2.0 page that loads different user controls. In one user control I need to disable ValidateRequest. How to do that?
  5. ManicCW

    Create composite control?

    Hi, I want to create custom control that is composed from several simple controls like panel, listobx, button and so on. How to create this? Any links and tutorials will do. Tnx.
  6. ManicCW

    Load part of the XML file in GridView?

    Hi I need to load this (these numbers are just example it will be some text): <Dijelovi> <Zamjena>1;3;5;7</Zamjena> <Popravka>2;4;6</Popravka> </Dijelovi> from XML file into GridView which has 2 Columns. I need it to look like this...
  7. ManicCW

    Publish questions in vs 2005!?

    Hi, when I publish my web site from vs 2005 it compiles in some folder on hard drive. No I have few questions: why are there two dll's here and why are file names like this? What does these .compiled files for?
  8. ManicCW

    AdRotator and Flash

    I see peaople are buying components to display flash in arrotator. There is no need for that because there is a simple solution. I pull my data for rotator from database but this can be also done with xml. In my table for adrotator i have added column IsFlash (bit) and when i upload flash and...
  9. ManicCW

    Load user control from user control

    Hi i have web page that loads different user controls. in user control i have button that needs to load different user control in main page and pass some parameters. is it possible to do this. some code sample would be great. tnx.
  10. ManicCW

    Which is faster?

    I need to retrive data from database and i need it to be fast so im trying to optimize code. If I use 3 datareaders to retrive data is it better to use this: dr.close() dr.close() dr.close() cn.close() or this: dr.close() cn.close()...
  11. ManicCW

    Editable listview

    Does anyone knows if it is possible to make listview to behave like gridview? When you click row it needs to be editable in place. how to do it?
  12. ManicCW

    Is this circle?

    This is what I get when i draw elipse using this code: g.DrawEllipse(New Pen(Color.Black, 1 / 4), New Rectangle(x - 14, margins(2) + 88, 8, 8)) i have attached image. this is not a circle! what is the problem here?
  13. ManicCW

    Copy toolstrip items to menustrip

    Hi I want to copy all items from toolstrip to menustrip. i have a sub that raises click event and does some work: Private Sub Naljepnice_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles _ tbMIL.Click, tbMPU.Click, tbMU.Click, tbMOP.Click, tbMKD.Click, tbMKDD.Click...
  14. ManicCW

    Can this module be any shorter? Urgent!

    Hi i'm developing application that can, among other, print labels. now I have many types of labels and each one is unique, so i have created module with functions. module is attached in post. can anyone help me to make code shorter (loop or something). i have put in module only one label case so...
  15. ManicCW

    Is there a better way of creating thumb on the fly?

    Hi i use this code to dynamicly create thumb on web site: page: Thumb.aspx Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load CropImage(Request.QueryString("ImageName"), "Middle") End Sub Public Function CropImage(ByVal ImageName AsString...
  16. ManicCW

    Web service error forbiden

    Hi, i made small service that helps downloading file (force download). Now, my files are on one subdomain (with web service) and web app that gets files is on other subdomain. Here is the service: <WebMethod()> _ Public Function ForceDownload(ByVal FileName) Dim FilePath As String =...
  17. ManicCW

    Javascript window.opener problem

    this java is driving me crazy:mad: :mad: :mad: i'm opening new window on button click and i need to return some value from child window. i have a function for that but function only works as embeded script. when i put function in external file it giver me java error that there is no object...
  18. ManicCW

    XML read - code in module

    hi, im developing app that reads data from XML and then puts that data in controls on form. Also this data can be again saved in XML. Now I need to know which way is the best before I continue my work. When user selects type of document (XML) to load my app loads usercontrol in main form and...
  19. ManicCW

    Add attribute from external javascript file

    Hi, I need to add attribute to button in datagrid. I use this in datagrid ItemDataBound event: Dim imgDelete As ImageButton = CType(e.Item.Cells(6).FindControl("imgDelete"), ImageButton) imgDelete.Attributes.Add("onClick", "ConfirmDelete()") Now this javascript function is located in...
  20. ManicCW

    Units in Crystal Reports 10

    What units does CR uses in design mode. For example when I set margin to 360 it is 0,63 cm ?! Can I set it up so in design I can use cm or mm?
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