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  1. UncleRonin

    Entity Framework 6 - Intermittent Runtime Error Reading AppSettings from Config

    Unfortunately I'm still having this problem but I'm picking up a bit of a pattern now which has hopefully led me closer to a resolution (of sorts). Whenever these weird configuration error occur there are two threads that error out at basically the exact same time (give or take 20 milliseconds...
  2. UncleRonin

    Entity Framework 6 - Intermittent Runtime Error Reading AppSettings from Config

    I have made a couple of changes to my implementation which has resulted in a different method of disposing of my wrapper objects which appears to have helped a bit but I am still getting these intermittent errors, albeit at a lesser rate. Have actually gotten an additional config error of a...
  3. UncleRonin

    Entity Framework 6 - Intermittent Runtime Error Reading AppSettings from Config

    Hey folks, I've tried searching for solutions to this on the web and either I'm the only one experiencing this or the search criteria are too broad based on the details involved :| I have an application running which makes use of Entity Framework 6 and basic threading. It's quite typical. The...
  4. UncleRonin

    InstallShield LE - How to deploy as a single MSI file?

    This is my first time using IS LE and I've sorted out the installation process and everything is perfect EXCEPT for the installation setup file structure. Previously when building my deployment projects I would package everything into a single MSI or setup executable and just make that...
  5. UncleRonin

    How do you allow access to class library within solution but not externally

    I have an application with two executables and a common class library in my solution. I want the class library accessible ONLY to these two applications and not to any external applications through the DLL. How can I make this library 100% open to my solution's projects but prevent outsiders...
  6. UncleRonin

    Question Floating point values in NumericUPDown control

    To allow floating point numbers update the .DecimalPlaces property to however many decimal points you'd like to allow. After that you can set the .Increment property to 0.1. So basically, set .DecimalPlaces to 0 and .Increment to 1 when you want to work with whole numbers and then set them to...
  7. UncleRonin

    How to merge cells in DataGridView?

    I've gotta say that after all the time that's passed since my original post the merging functionality I needed all those years ago would still have made a fantastic difference and even though I'm now at a level (finally! :3) where I'm able to inherit from the DGV and implement my own control...
  8. UncleRonin

    Question How to Play Individual Sounds through Individual Speakers?

    I've done a lot of looking around and I know this is possible but I want to know what the best way to do it is... and I've never actually touched DirectX before so it's quite daunting :| I would like to play 5 different sounds through 5 different speakers. So I would like to control them all...
  9. UncleRonin

    Question Is there a solution to the Bleeding Cursor problem for Firefox 2 and IE 6?

    Edit: This also applies to IE7 and IE8. FF3 and Opera 10 don't suffer from this problem at all.
  10. UncleRonin

    Question Is there a solution to the Bleeding Cursor problem for Firefox 2 and IE 6?

    I have a CSS menu comprised of <div>, <a>, <ul> and <li> elements. The menu works just fine except for when an <input> element currently has focus and the carat marking the current position in the element blinks and bleeds through the menu when it is displayed. Changing the z-index of the menu...
  11. UncleRonin

    Question With a StatusStrip is it possible to Spring the entire width?

    I have a basic Form with a StatusStip at the bottom. I have set SizingGrip = False and the BackColor = White. Now, I have added a single ToolStripStatusLabel with Spring = True. What I notice is that the label does not extend its width to the entire length of the StatusStrip and insteads stops...
  12. UncleRonin

    Question How to change the button text on an OpenFileDialog?

    Hmm... I guess I will just have to do that then (handles and things) :) Thanks for the info!
  13. UncleRonin

    Question How to change the button text on an OpenFileDialog?

    How can the button text of an OpenFileDialog be changed in the cleanest possible manner? I've looked around and so far none of the solultions are all that simple and all require some fiddling with handles and things.
  14. UncleRonin

    Question What is the best way to update a RichTextBox?

    Yesterday I was working with a RichTextBox and decided to add some formatting to my logging (I've never formatted text in one before!! O_O) ...not quite what I expected! Now, normally I work with plain unformatted text and I have an imposed limit on the number of characters I allow to be...
  15. UncleRonin

    DataGridView Performance and Management

    I'm sure by now most of us have come across and/or used a DGV in some way or another. Personally I only ever used it for small result sets until recently and never had any issues with it. Now, however, I have had to use it for thousands of results (maxed at 50000 only) and even then there is a...
  16. UncleRonin

    DataGridView responsiveness when adding rows

    I realise this thread is old but I'm curious about something... @JohnH: Arguably it's never really a good idea to put too much info in the UI but what about instances when the purpose of an application IS to display that much info? Lately I've had to create a number of reporting apps (little...
  17. UncleRonin

    Prevent user.config from being created when there are no user settings

    How can I prevent user.config being created when there are no user settings? I have machine settings which cannot be changed and no user settings whatsoever yet user.config is created regardless. To me this is totally unnecessary and just adds clutter, especially if there are later versions of...
  18. UncleRonin

    Question Windows Service, Web Site and Remoting... A Good Idea?

    Does anyone have any opinions on this?
  19. UncleRonin

    Remoting and processing objects...

    Unfortunately I have to use 2005... :( I would ideally like to make use of Remoting since I have never used it before and would like to learn more about it as opposed to using Sockets. What really gets me is how do I take info from within the Server (access the server's members and properties)...
  20. UncleRonin

    Remoting and processing objects...

    How exactly should a person go about setting up remoting and passing information between two applications? I have a client application which queries a server for info on it's state. The client calls the server which then processes things internally and then that result is the one which should...
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