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    Crystal Report Viewer

    Oh I thought you were talking about just the exe size... The only thing you can do is exclude the runtimes and let them install seperatly if needed. I would exclude the .net framework since most computers should have at least 2.0 already installed by this point.
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    Question calculate execution time

    In the help file take a look at the stopwatch class, it has a nice example. I use this and log to a file different execution times.
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    Crystal Report Viewer

    Of course a lot depends on how big your project is and how many reports your talking about but in general I would say look for any large pictures your including in your reports and see if you can reduce the resolution on them to make'em smaller.
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    Question writing into excel

    Similar question open here: If that doesnt answer your question let me know
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    Question How to export datatable to Excel for Windows App and using XML?

    As long as your keeping a full table structure you dont need to automate (interop) Excel file. The following example will export table structures to an excel file without the need to automate Excel or make any reference to it. However you do lose some formatting options such as being able to...
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    Question Saving New Selection from Combobox to SQL Database

    The parameters look correct (unless I'm missing something) the only thing I see a bit strange is updating the same column that your filtering the records by. Other than that I would confirm that none of your values are breaking the max lengths of the fields
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    Question Passing variable between 2 forms

    Agreed, many ways of slaying the same beast. In fact you dont even need of to create your own property in the second form, you can return directly from the textbox. I thought you were explaing creating custom properties and offered an example of such.The formclosing event I used just for this...
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    Question Passing variable between 2 forms

    Public Class Form2 Dim m_strReturnVariable As String = "" Public Property ReturnVariable() As String Get Return m_strReturnVariable .Trim End Get Set(ByVal value As String) m_strReturnVariable = value.Trim End Set End Property...
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    Question Updating Shared Drive App

    I have an app running from a shared network drive. The problem I’m having is updating/replacing the exe while it’s in use. I remember in days I used to be able boot all the users by deleting right from the server but been unable to do so currently. I’m wondering if there is another way...
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    New programmer

    Don't as stupid questions.... Just kidding buddy welcome to the forum. Start by taking a look at the rules and reading some existing threads. Other than that I would say before asking a question use the search feature to see if its already been answered.
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    Can data connections, data adapters, data sets, etc be placed in a global location?

    Just personal preference on my part that I like to keep everything seperate from the actual typed datasets and just use it for the table(s) structures. With different database connections per office location, constantly making changes and not wanting to search thru every typed dataset to see...
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    Can data connections, data adapters, data sets, etc be placed in a global location?

    Using your above functions as an example, my personal preference would be to store your above connection strings into local or global variables (at project load and when connection settings change), no need to keep calling additional functions and retrieving from my.settings for a string...
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    Can data connections, data adapters, data sets, etc be placed in a global location?

    I used to think creating a single global connection once was more efficient than creating hundreds/thousands of connections as needed (even with opening & closing as needed). MS recommends the opposite though and creating/destroying as needed. This didnt make much sense (even with CJ trying to...
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    Question How can I call Store Procedure

    Yes that should work but you are being returned a null value... Are you perhaps checking under a name that had no failed logins, hence nothing being returned? If there is a possibility of returning a null value then you must compensate for this by either ensuring that your stored procedure...
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    Question How can I call Store Procedure

    I cant tell why you would be returning a null value, are you sure your not passing something different for your parameter value? Also not sure why it would be trying to convert to a string rather then an int. Can you post a full example
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    Question How can I call Store Procedure

    I think it would be easier to do without the output parameter, simply select the single value you want returned but here is an example Using con As New SqlConnection(strConnectionStringHere) Dim intSeconds As Integer = 0 Dim cmd As New SqlCommand...
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    Question Crystal report:Header problem

    The report header is supposed to appear above the page header. You can add a secondary page header to appear below the first and add something to suppress it after the first page
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    Load values of a comboBox from a TableAdapter

    You use your tableadapter to fill a datatable, you then assign the datatable to your combobox not your dataadapter.
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    Question Coditional Inner Join

    Not working, I'm getting results back for tables A & B regardless whether or not the where in the outer joins. Basically what I want is that if b.Col1 = 1, it doesnt need to joing to tables C & D. But if b.Col1 is anything else, I must force the inner joins to ensure those connecting records exist.
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    Question Coditional Inner Join

    I'll give that a shot and agree I dont like subquieries but like even less the thought of breaking it up in seperate queries or functions....
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