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    Question What is the best way to save list items to the database

    I have a list(Of Strings) List. I need to save each item in the list to a table in a database. I could Iterate through the list and save each item to the database. But if I have 10 items in the List then I have to do 10 calls to the database. Is there a better way to do this so I don't have to...
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    Leave (Lost Focus) firing twice why???

    I have a windows application. I have a textbox that has a 'Leave' method. Inside the 'Leave' method I have a textbox2.focus call so when the code gets to the end of the 'Leave' method the focus will then go to textbox2. Heres the problem: So the focus is on the textbox and I hit the Tab...
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    Using SqlConnnection in Desktop Application

    on a page when you want to do anything with SQL you first have to put con = New SqlConnection(connectionString) and then when you are done you have to close the connection con.Close() My question is if on the same page you have other SQL quieries you need to do. Can you just declare con = New...
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    how to set a form as a child form to an MdiParent?

    HI all figured it out Form2 form2 = new Form2() form2.MdiParent = this.MdiParent form2.Show()
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    how to set a form as a child form to an MdiParent?

    I have an MdiParent form and several child forms that open inside the MdiParent. But within one of the child forms(lets call it Form1) I have a button that when clicked it opens another form(lets call Form2). The problem is that when I click the button on Form1 it opens Form2 but Form2 is not a...
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    How to set a MenuStrip Item's Visible property to False from anothe form

    I have a MDI form with a MenuStrip on it. I have another child form for the MDI Form. What I would like to do is that when the Child Form closes it hides one of the items on the MenuStrip on the MDI Form. I made the MenuStrip on the MDI Form Public. then in the Child Form on the Disposed Event I...
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    Question Change Font Size for only one word in string

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to change the font or even make bold one word in the middle of a string? So like you do in HTML with: <Bold>Hello<Bold/> World Is there a way to do that in in window forms? Thank you
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    Can't get OpenPrinter to work

    I am using this code which I got off the net. I am trying to send a txt file to an Intermec PM4i label printer that takes RAW data and prints out labels. I have loaded the driver and have set up the printer on the machine. I can go into Printers and Faxes select the printer and go into the...
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